TRI-BUILT® Smooth HT S/A Underlayment is a self-adhesive membrane composed of SBS bitumen. This nonslip, flexible, self-sealing membrane can be used in outdoor temperatures ranging from -40F to 220F (-40C to 104C). It has a easy-to-remove silicone-treated release sheet (split-back) on the self-adhesive side. The top face is composed of non-slip plastic surface.

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Main Points 1

• Application Temperature: 40F to 120F (4.5C to 50C)

• Service Temperature: -40F to 220F (-40C to 104C)

• UV Resistant (60 Day Exposure)

• 47 Mils Thick

• Roll Weight: 49 lbs

• Use Under Metal, Asphalt Shingle Roofs

• Anti-Slip Surface

• Self-Sealing Around Nails & Screws

• Clean, Fast & Easy Installation

• High Tensile Strength

• Effective and Hard Wearing

• Requires No Special Tools

• Consistent Thickness

• Florida Building Code, Miami Dade Approved, UL Listed, ICC-ES ESR-3492F

• 20 Year Material Warranty