TRI-BUILT® Custom Print House Wrap

TRI-BUILT® has quietly revolutionized custom-printed advertising with TRI-BUILT® Building Wraps. Our unique printing method allows very short production runs, alternating logo with telephone number, multiple logos, and multiple colors. TRI-BUILT® Custom Print Building Wraps are ideal billboards for advertising you high-quality work to a targeted and interested audience.

What better way to advertise than on the side of a building?

People are naturally curious about construction and will readily see what is printed on the building wrap. Make a strong statement about your company by having logos and contact information printed on TRI-BUILT® Building Wrap.

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Benefits of custom print house wrap:
• Differentiates you from the competition
• Lower ordering minimums versus competing products who offer a similar option
• Customer’s logo is larger versus competing products who offer a similar option
• Multiple logos
• Multi color
• Alternating logos available
• Ideal for advertising in areas where yard signs are not allowed
• Building Wrap H/C (Woven): 14 roll minimum (9’x150’)
• Building Wrap C (Non-Woven): 11 roll minimum (9’x150’)
• Building Wrap Plus (Drainage Wrap): 14 roll minimum (5’x200’)

Custom-print building wrap is easier than ever!
Here’s how:
1. Pick out the type of TRI-BUILT® Building Wrap desired: TRI-BUILT® Building Wrap H/C, TRI-BUILT® Building Wrap Plus or TRI-BUILT® Building Wrap C.
2. Determine if you want a single logo, a logo and phone number / web site, or multiple logos.
3. Submit artwork preferably electronically in PDF or EPS (vector) form. E-mail to david.ruiz@tribuiltmg.com or call 1-800-516-1485.
4. Approve the returned artwork proof and place your order. For additional product information visit us at www.tribuiltmg.com


Custom Print House Wrap