TRI-BUILT® Building Wrap C commercial-grade building wraps are strong non-woven engineered fabrics that shed water and reduce air infiltration yet allow the transfer of moisture vapor to the outside, creating a healthier and more energy efficient structure. TRI-BUILT® Building Wrap C is the best choice for severe weather protection, providing real-world resistance to moisture and is more surfactant-resistant than most building wrap materials. TRI-BUILT® Building Wrap C provides reliable weather protection for projects with high-perm moisture transfer requirements. In a market cluttered with house wraps, only TRI-BUILT® offers the flexibility in choice of performance building wraps engineered for your specific requirements.

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Main Points 1

• Install behind Wood Siding, Composite Panels, Vinyl, Stucco, Brick, Stone, Masonry, Metal and Insulated Sheathing

• Multi-Color Broadcast Custom Printing Available with minimum orders of 11 rolls

• 6 Month Exposure

• Breathable (60 perms)

• Lightweight yet durable

• Water Resistant – resistance to moisture while limiting air movement within the wall cavity

• Available in the following sizes: 3’x150’,4’-6”x150’, 9’x150’, 10’x100’, 10’x150’

• Class A Fire Rating

• Translucent which makes locating studs, openings, and corners quick and easy

• 5 Year Limited Material Warranty


Building Wrap C