TRI-BUILT® BITU-OX Multi-Use Solution is SCS certified biodegradable and safe for waterways* and liquefies asphalt, oil and tar instantly upon contact. It also prevents and loosens rust as well as acts as a lubricant. It will leave a protective coating to prevent future rust corrosion. It will not evaporate or freeze so can be used at any temperature.

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Main Points 1

• 100% Biodegradable & Waterway Safe
• SCS Certified, Safe for sale in California
• Stronger Formula
• 400 F Flash Point
• Does not freeze
• Engine Degreaser
• Liquefies Asphalt, Oil, Tar, & Grease
• Removes Aluminum Coating off concrete
• Prevents & Loosens rust
• Displaces Moisture
• Lubricates Squeaky Parts
• Leaves a Protective Coating
• Safe to Clean Hands
• Safe for Cleaning Vinyl Siding
• Removes Asphalt, Oil, Tar & Grease Off of Concrete, Block, Brick & Pavers
• 32 oz Bottle

Bitu-Ox Product