BITU-OX BIO NT Multi Purpose Cleaner

BITU-OX BIO NT Multi Purpose Cleaner Biodegradable

TRI-BUILT® BITU-OX Multi-Use Solution is SCS certified biodegradable and safe for waterways* and liquefies asphalt, oil and tar instantly upon contact.



TRI-BUILT® BITU-OX BIO NT Multi Purpose Cleaner is 100% Certified biodegradable and non-toxic, solvent based multi- use solution designed to liquefy tar and asphalt instantly. Bio-NT is a highly concentrated cleaner/degreaser/lubricant that can be diluted 3:1 for different tasks. TRI-BUILT® Bio-NT will emulsify tar, asphalt and oil, act as a powerful degreaser and adhesive remover, long lasting lubricant for metals,provide corrosion protection to metals, remove mildew and mold, inhibit and clean rust and perform as a water displacement or release agent for asphalt and tar.  TRI-BUILT® Bio-NT is non flammable and will not freeze.


Spray on any and all surfaces for effective tar removal and long lasting lubrication. Spray as needed to clean tough grease, tar or grime that collects to leave a lasting protective coating. Pre-Spray as a release agent. Use with a power washer for extreme effectiveness. Wash away excess solution on painted surfaces.

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Clear Amber Liquid


No Odor

Relative Density


Flash Point

400 F

Boiling Point

>400 F



Specific Gravity

0.925 0.015

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